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Counseling Services

Counseling for Transformation

Good therapy is effective for many things. 

As with many things in life, therapy can be approached in different ways.

You enter therapy with an identified problem that is interfering with daily living. It could be anxiety, depression, or even a fear of flying. Once you learn from your therapist how to cope - often through well-defined techniques - you feel "good to go". You have no real interest in any further exploration of yourself. In effect, therapy means "good enough for now". Yet, there is no true awakening to greater possibilities. A world without "but's" is still beyond comprehension.

A New Counseling Approach
Great therapy is trans-formative.

With better therapy, you eliminate major signs of anxiety, depression, and phobias, not just resign yourself to controlling and managing symptoms. The therapeutic relationship is the means for making this kind of significant change. Within a secure, attuned relationship you learn how to weather the storm of your own fears. Words don't easily capture the notion of transformation. Yet, when it happens there's no doubt about it. You may not know that your therapist is a key change agent for your own transformation. His or her capacity for feeling alive and curious about personal growth enhances your possibilities for becoming all you can be. You see, you can only go as far as your therapist has gone. Fundamental and long-lasting change requires changing the brain and it takes a powerful experience for this to happen. Transformation emerges through the relationship with your therapist. You literally change "from the inside out".  You feel different and you behave differently because you are different!

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