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Jeremy McDavid, CMHC Intern

 Clinical Mental Health Counselor Intern 

                 ($35 sessions-no insurance)



About Me

By exploring internal experiences, thoughts and emotions, I have always sought to find ways to navigate the chaotic world around me. Over the course of my life, I have had a variety of personal experiences that have helped to shape me into the counselor I am today. I have spent years in personal therapy working through my own childhood trauma. The work I have done in therapy was daunting at first, but overtime I was able to realize things really can and will get better. I am here because therapy changed my life and I hope to share the fruits of my therapeutic experience with you.


I have had a wide variety of professional and personal experiences that impact who I am within a counseling session. I have lived in suburban Philadelphia, downtown Boston, and most recently rural mountainous North Carolina. I was a nationally competitive athlete in high school and college who learned to overcome mental health struggles on the field. I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Neuroscience while on the pre-med track at Northeastern University. While completing my undergraduate studies I worked as a student researcher writing research protocols and using neuroimaging to analyze brain function of infants. I also have spent time in multiple forms of the service and medical industries including working in restaurants, managing at a moving company, aiding patients with recovery at a PT clinic, and running experiments in hospitals to help prevent drunk driving. Most recently I have begun the process of personally completely renovating my house while currently pursuing my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Appalachian State University. The biggest thing these experiences have helped me realize is that I love working with people and helping them. My experiences have also shown me happiness can come from some of the most obscure places. 


A deeper understanding of self has always been an important pursuit for me. In our work together I will provide a safe non-judgmental place to help you explore elements of yourself. Sessions with me are a safe space to laugh, cry, work through anger or express worries. I welcome all emotions in my space. I will be an empathetic partner on your path to self-discovery. Through implementing hope around the possibility for change I will help you wherever you are in your journey. I seek to help my clients learn skills and strategies that will help them achieve their goals through empowerment and providing conditions for personal growth. I provide individual counseling for adult and young adult populations. I have been trained to work with therapeutic challenges such as depression, anxiety, trauma, self-harm, suicidality, hard developmental life transitions, behavioral issues, coping skills, family conflict, relationship trouble, infidelity, men’s issues, women’s issues, gender and sexuality exploration, athlete issues, school issues, career struggles, self-esteem, overcoming fears, performance anxiety, substance use, and many others. I believe in a Person-Centered approach meaning the client is the expert in their own experience. I feel my role as a Counselor is to be with you in your experience and nonjudgmentally provide a space to help you process whatever challenge life has put in your path. I enjoy being with people and staying curious about what their experience in the world is like. I’m excited to get to know you and begin our work!

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