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Better Days and Nights,  P   L    L    C  

  Therapeutic Holistic Counseling for Individuals, Couples and Families

Mel Falck, MA, NCC, LCMHCA 

Board Certified in:
General Counseling Practice
Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Expressive Arts Therapy

North Carolina Board of Licensed Professional Counselors issued me the license of Licensed Professional Counselor Id #A11556.

Accepts BCBS

About me

I am an expressive artist, musician, and poet. My personal quest is to seek authentic connections that foster truth, love, beauty, and peace in the world. Joining me on that quest are my incredible 8-year-old son, and wonderful, loving girlfriend. We share our home with two playful dachshunds, two not-so-playful cats, and (our newest addition) a very sweet, golden retriever puppy. The community in Boone suits us perfectly because of the kindred spirits we’ve found and the joy spending time in the mountains brings to our lives. 

Music, exercise, nature, and meditation are mainstays in my personal wellness program. As your therapist, I hope to assist you in discovering your own wellness touchstones. Some of the therapeutic interventions and modalities that I base my work on include:

  • client/person centered therapy
  • expressive arts therapy
  • addictions counseling 
  • mindfulness based approaches
  • trauma focused therapy
  • men’s work
  • psychodynamic theory

Regardless of the method, I believe deeply in the ability for humans to discover their own unique way to heal.  My goal is to assist you in your personal process of renewal and self-discovery. Together we can work to achieve your dreams and ambitions!

Counseling has been a significant part of my life journey. I began therapy as a child, as a way to process my parents’ divorce. The relationships and connections that I discovered through that personal work, kept me returning to it as a tool for guidance throughout my adolescent and adult years. My counselors, and their support, were crucial to my healing process through tough times and life transitions. Now, as a therapist myself, I am excited to help you find your own inner strength, vitality, levity, and wellness.

Like many people, my undergraduate career began with a winding path through my own interests as I sought a meaningful focus. I finally landed on a Sociology major, with a Fine Arts minor. My initial intent was to work in the social services field in some capacity. Shortly after earning my bachelor’s degree, I accepted a position with the local YWCA in my hometown with their Supervised Visitation/Monitored Exchange Program. That work led to me moving into a position with them as a Domestic Violence Survivors Advocate.