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Better Days and Nights,  P   L    L    C  

  Therapeutic Holistic Counseling for Individuals, Couples and Families




  1. Who do you work with?

    We work with:

    Anyone looking to grow or make a change in their life.

    Indviduals. Teenagers through Seniors. 

    People in relationships. Couples, Partners, Marriages.

    Families of all shapes and sizes.

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  1. How much does counseling / therapy cost?

    If you have insurance, we will find out if you have a co-pay, and that is what you will pay. If you don't have insurance, we have a sliding scale based on your household family income.

  2. Do you take insurance?

    We currently are approved to recieve Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, Optum, United, UMR, Tricare, TriWest, Magellan, CBHA, Blue Anthem, and maybe more since the last posting. Please ask if the therapist you are interested in takes your insurance.

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  1. Is the counseling private?

    Yes all counseling is and should be confidential. There are a few situations that are listed in our disclosure statment in regards to harming yourself or others. Counselors/Therapists as professionals are required by law to disclose information if there is a danger of harm. 

  2. How long will counseling last?

    This depends on you and your situation. It could last one session or it could last for months or longer. You will determine the length of the the counseling experience.

  3. How do we get started?

    Please give us a call to make an appointment to setup the first session. You could also email us if you like, but please do not put any confidential information in the email. 

  4. What time are the counseling sessions scheduled?

    We are open by appointment 9am to 7pm. We offer evening sessions for those people who cannot get off of work during the day. We also offer Saturday sessions on a limited basis. Appointments are made depending on the existing office schedule. 

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